Pizza Trombone

18 Jun

Is it just me or is time flying by at an alarmingly fast rate? Mind you, I’m talking about the time outside of work that REALLY seems to be speeding past me. I can’t believe it’s June. Can’t believe its 2010. CANT BELIEVE IT. 
I’m on a real positive high today because well, I’m actually getting stuff done. And it feels good. Reeeeeaaaal good. I have a couple of people to thank for that. One being my inspiring roomie Meghan and her awesome director/writer/ghost believer friend Meghan. I know, they’re both named Meghan, they’re both awesome. Its crazy, try and keep up.

We shot a short little comedy sketch at my apt. on Sunday and it was so super fun and easy, minus the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing while filming, which made me look like SUCH a professional. Now that we’ve got one video under our belt I feel like the three of us can do anything and take over the world! Or at least make more out of my sunday afternoons. 

I’m in the process of editing the video by learning Final Cut as I go. Whaaaat?! I know Avid, this should be a breeze! Well, it’s different. But I love learning it. Plus I’m a control freak (I know, shocking!) so I’m enjoying being able to do it the way I wanna do it. On the downside that means people are waiting on me to get it done. Which means, I have to GET IT DONE. I’m also a procrastinator so figure that one out. A procrastinating control freak. Geez, that sounds awful. I’m annoyed by me just thinking about it. 

Annnnnyywaaaaay, this might be the reason time is flying by, I love editing and before I know it I’ve been in front of my computer for hours. Same thing happens when I’m in Photoshop. I could probably get a lot more done if I didn’t have my regular job. It’s really cutting into my personal life and affecting my deadlines. How can I work around actually going to work? hmmmmm 

At least I have hilarious friends who send me funny emails during the day. Otherwise, I might have to shoot myself. That and the booze help me through. My friend Sarah sent over this picture with the subject of: My New BF 

 *To which I replied with, “I hope “triflin” is his pet name for you  . .  so sweet!” 
*Sarah replies with, “He calls me “Pizza Trombone.”  Because his favorite things are pizza.  And trombones.” 

Oh man I laughed so hard. YES. Pizza Trombone. Well, this prompted Lorena and I to write a song. I mean, why WOULDNT we write a song about Pizza Trombones?! We have time to waste. Well, we make time. Or waste time. Whatever.  
Lorena and I have never collaborated before but I think you’ll agree that this song is as fresh as . . . .I don’t know, fresh farm eggs . . . or a week old bagel, you decide. Anyway we are real proud of it and hope to sing(?) it at some point, especially for Sarah and her sexy BF. Without further ado, I give you, Pizza Trombone. . . 

I love it when he calls me

Pizza Trombone

Even thouggghhhhh

he never calls on the phone 


He’s so so hot

sucking on that rib bone

I’m just so luckyyyyy

to be Mrs. Trombone 



Pizza Trombone He calls me


He looks like a gnome   


He quenches his thirst

with Mountain Dew when it’s stifling

But he hates iiiiit

when bitches be triflin 


He’s chunky and he’s sloppy

And his shirt barely fits

But it all fades away

when he plays his horn hits 



Pizza Trombone

He calls me


He’s shaped like a cone 


He’s ugly and he’s stupid

And I’m startin to feel

Like maybe I’m an idiot

For payin his bills 


Now that I’m seeing straight

He seems kinda whack

And I wanna smack myself

For always taking his crap 


He calls me


Pizza Trombone He calls me


Where the f**k is his home?


Yep. This is what I spend my days doing. Writing songs about stupid pictures from the internet. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a video parody I have to write. Right after I finish perfecting my imitation of Liza Minnelli and playing a prank on one of my bitchy coworkers. Yes sir, it’s been a busy, busy day here at the office.



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