Holy Moley Me Oh My

17 Nov

Hello Darlin.

It’s me again.

It’s beeeen aaaaaa loooonnng tiiiiime.

Oh man, I love me some Conway Twitty. For those of you who don’t know who that is, well, shame on you. Google him immediately. In other news, I’m back! For how long I’m not sure but let’s just relish in the fact that although I haven’t written anything in awhile some things haven’t changed 1) I didn’t die and 2) This blog still isn’t funny. Yay for consistency!

I have been quite busy though. Living the fast life (not technically, I commute) but theoretically speaking things are going by at a rapid pace. And although I haven’t felt extremely productive, while looking at my 101 list I realized I’ve done a number of things on there that I hadn’t even been trying to do! Which means . . . I HAVE been productive! In between all the happy hours and parties, the weekends away and the long hours commuting. I’ve been doing stuff. Cool stuff. And stuff that I want to do. A+

Anyway, it sort of inspired me. See, I turned 30 in September and at the time, I wasn’t so thrilled about it. Ok, I sorta kinda had a freak out. I started thinking of all the things I was supposed to have done, all the places I was supposed to have gone and all the money that was supposed to be in my bank account at this point in my life. Now, I know this isn’t anything new and a lot of people don’t like getting older and honestly crying about 30 sounds pathetic but, I just can’t believe it. Where the HELL did my 20’s go and what was I DOING?! And then I remembered. Stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Some great, some awful and a lot of silly fun in between. All that time has led me to here. Right now. When I stopped to think about it, without adding all the unnecessary pressures and ridiculous expectations that I put on myself I feel pretty great about things. I’m sure falling in love has a lot to do with my current positive and euphoric outlook but even outside of that, I love my family, my friends . . .my life.  I’m unbelievably blessed.

Sometimes, and I think most of the people I know do this, we’re too hard on ourselves. Expect huge changes in our lives and think we’re not successful enough, or where we should be for our age in our career/family etc. I’ve been doing that for years but lately, I don’t know, something changed. I’m not giving up or satisfied with the status quo, just . . . .happy. Happy knowing I don’t need millions of dollars (trust me, I’d still do that Bojangles commercial, or even that new Axe balls scrubbing one if someone paid me too!) but for right now, I’m good. The future’s looking bright and I’m feeling a sense of peace in knowing that I’m going to just keep doing what I love, with the people I love and good things will come out of that.

See people, turning 30 makes you wiiiissse. So, suck on that my 20’s! 🙂 I’m not at all bitter about my age. I’m embracing it. It only took a couple of months. And a lot of ugly glares at people when they brought it up. And maybe some cocktails, but here I am. Happy to be 30. And looking forward to what’s coming up next.


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