Behind The Blog

Well one things for sure, I’ve been called sassy more than once. Fun, warm, adventurous, optimistic, affectionate, and flirty.  A BIG smart ass. Vivacious. Strong and Passionate. Travel enthusiast. Music and movie buff. Photography lover. Fashion obsessed. Inspired by anything vintage. Addicted to lip gloss. I love a good beer, the desert, Ryan Adams, my family, Urban Cowboy, black and white photos, my kitty, wide open spaces, the smell of clean cotton and I love to laugh.

I am currently a jack of all trades and master of none but am having the most fabulous time seeing what sticks. I am an actress, a writer (I have a resume I did all by myself), a soon to be producer with my lovely roommate Meghan (details of our web series will, I’m sure be a constant topic on my blog), a amatuer photographer, and a daytime accounting clerk at a law firm. I’m not going to give it away but one of these things does not belong.  The constant need for money, which lends itself to a day job, is really cutting into my creative endeavors. Hopefully 2010 will provide the opportunity for me to escape. Oh it better.

Overall though I am enamored with life.  Especially the aspect of trying something new, being out of my element, and learning something, anything–like history, languages, or survival techniques!  I love my family and friends and feel totally lucky. If anything I share here makes you laugh, think or inspires in anyway then I will be happy.  If it makes you angry I’m okay with that too because, at the end of the day, it’s about feeling alive and enjoying every glorious minute of it!


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