My 101 List

This list shall serve to be some motivation for this blog, although I have the gift for gab so it might just be an excuse to start one. I really, truly intend on getting all of these things accomplished. But this isn’t the only list I’m working with, noooooo, I am feeling very ambitious this year and have also done a list with Meghan which you can find here:

Too many things you say? I have to admit that after writing everything I want to do down on paper it was a bit overwhelming. I want to start RIGHT NOW. Yesterday I spent 2 hours researching trips to Africa 🙂 But I have to pace myself, plan it, relish in every detail. Not to mention have you seen how much a safari trip costs? Yeah, I’m gonna need some time to save for that one. I am excited though. And hopefully, you’ll be able to see my progress.


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